"Dummy cartridge" used with MG 34 type drum magazi

Any ideas what this is ?
OAL is 79.25mm/3.120"
“Bullet” dia 7.3mm/.287"
head end is 11.86mm/.467"

The round bar moves up and down in side a hole, above the large hole inside the item is solid except fro the hole which takes the round piece of metal and below the large hole in the side is solid for about 12mm/.5" then bored out. The round bar will travel inside until the narrow cutout is level with the top of the large hole. There thats made something simple complicated :-)

7.62mm rd for scale

pressure test device ?

Armourer - I have the exact same “round” except mine is in very bad condition. I was told when I got it, and also at separate times when I got two slightly different ones of aluminum, that they were the “filler” rounds for German 7.9 x 57mm drum magazines. Evidently the drum magazines are of such a design that were they to simply use live ammunition to the full capacity, the last two or three rounds will not feed, so these are built into the magazine, so that no live rounds are left in it.

I have no idea if this is correct, but other people who have seen mine said that they came out of drum magazines.

It has mystified me why they have to be more than one solid piece - that is, why the steel one has the moving part in it (I didn’t know it came out - mine is pretty much rusted in)

I have two similar items made out of aluminum. They have a steel pin through them, right below a deep groove around the circumfrence of the “cartridge” about midway up the “case”. I do not know the function of the pin, and gain, not being familiar with the design of the German drum magazines for various guns like the MG34, etc., I don’t know the function of either the groove, or the pin, anymore than I know why the steel one has a big hole in it with that separate part inside.

I hope someone more expert on the magazines themselves can enlighten both of us. If needed, I can post a scan of mine as well.

There are some info in munition.org website under the “curiosidades” link.John is right with his identification,they are dummy rounds for the MG 15 drum magazine

Yes ,the (cartridge) is from a drum magazine its the last one of 4
The 4 cartridges held together with a iron piece the first and the last cartridge are made from iron the 2 in the middle are from aluminium .
I have a picture but is not a good one I hope you can see how they sit in the drum.


451KR - I thought I was right, but since before I had no documentation on it, I did not want to sound “too positive.” Do you know what the purpose of the separate piece in the steel onw that is shown in the first picture on this thread, and also, what is retained inside the aluminum ones by the steel pin that goes thru them? If I had more of these, I would section one of each. I only have the one badly rusted steel one (pits that look like the craters on the moon) and two slightly different aluminum ones.


The 4 cartridges held together with an iron piece.The end of that piece goes into the hole from the cartridge and the pin secure that. The other 3 cartridges ( 2 aluminium 1 iron) are solid and made out of 2 pieces. These 2 pieces held together with an little steel pin. In the groove of these 3 cartridges comes the iron piece that held all the 4 on place.


Many thanks.

451Kr - great! That explains everything. Thanks. I have had those for years, and this is the first really good explanation I have had about the how and why of them!

The current “C-Mag” has a similar arrangement. In .223/5.56 x 45. I’ll post a pic soon.

Here’s the pic. Three types in one mag! Regular machined dummies, one linked to a double ended dummy and then the internal dummies linked to the spring mechanism:


Thanks gyrojet, thats a great picture.

These things are parts of feeding mechanisms, should they be called cartridges at all?

I think so, as they are cartridge shaped and made to specification or how about file under “cartridge related” ?

EOD - I would definitely call them “cartridges.” they are dummy cartridges of a specific caliber made for a specific purpose - to allow the drum magazine to feed all the live rounds properly. I also consider headspace gauges as “cartridges” since they are nothing more than a dummy cartridge used to measure headspace (as in the Stahlpatronen). Of course, in that regard, I am a hypocrite, because I do not save the ones, like some of the M1 Carbine gauges, that don’t look at all like a cartridge or cartridge case.

I know people who will argue that no dummy round (Exerzierpatr., etc.) is actually a cartridge, because it doesn’t go “bang” when you pull the trigger on it. Obviously, most of us disagree with that assessment.

That’s the nice thing about collecting - you can save what you want and not save what you don’t want. You can even, to a point, deside what a cartridge is and what a cartridge isn’t for your own wants and needs. I even have a small collection of the Japanese toy cartridges made for their non-guns, as long as they are for a self-loading pistol non-gun! I don’t bother to catalog them though. Strangely, I have occasionally seen those at cartridge shows, sometimes offered at rather strange prices for a toy round.