Dummy, Drill, Inert - .50 cal, 7.62 & 5.56 Help

Hey all,

This solicitation is out. IMO The Army is wanting a solid metal round, versus traditional brass case and bullet modified which is now the ‘alternative.’ They are not specifying material - steel, alum, brass or other. LAT requires 25 cycles through weapon’s’. Still fluted.

I need to provide bid samples by July 10th, so I don’t have time to determine best material. I need to narrow to 1 or 2 and make some parts to test. Color needs to be 17178 to AMS-STD-595. Needs to pass 48 salt fog, no mecr nitrate test.

There was a funded DOTC effort. Anyone know the results?

Any help is appreciated. Pic is old 7.62s.


In the .50 caliber, UK, Israel and some of the European countries did solid aluminum and solid brass, cast/machined/hollowed out (to meet weight). I’ll send you a PM on my contact at the company that did the plating for the initial DDI runs.

Stainless steel exercise cartridge-

5.56 x 45mm Exercise Cartridge, Primetake (Dummy Drill).pdf (163.6 KB)


I believe these are bored out at the base to achieve proper weight.