Dummy "ejection torpedo"?

While driving to NH to pick up the mk83 1000lb snakeye, I happened across this dummy torpedo, litteraly on the side of the road in Sanford ME, for… $4,800! Worth it? I think a bit high. What is the story behind an “ejection dummy” on this thing, and what vintage would it be?

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For this money it looks like it consists of too many mock up and substitute parts. Even if real too many parts are not from a real torpedo.
To me a “real thing” looks different.

Pretty sure the “ejection torpedo” is a purpose built dummy to be reused. It simulates a real torpedo in terms of size and weight and connections to the tube. They can be fired (using compressed air I believe) and have no internal motor, guidance or explosive components. The probably have a buoyancy system (dropping weights or a compressed air system to expel water?) and a dye marker so it will surface and be easily spotted and recovered for reuse.

These would be used periodically to test torpedo tubes for proper functioning without risking damage to a much more expensive “warshot” or exercise torpedo. Probably required to be used for all new construction ships, after overhauls or major repair work to the torpedo system.

This is larger than the ones I am familiar with, the old Mark 32 surface vessel torpedo tubes which fired the Mark 44 or Mark 46 torpedoes.

The one thing I wasn’t sure on was the twin propellar blades in terms of reproduction / replacement or not. The rest of it looked about how i expected a drill / dummy to look I guess.

Matt, the whole tail secttion is much simplified, including the propeller and also the fins where actually the steering should be.

To be clear, I did not purchase it today when I saw it. My wife was with me at the time.


Hello. I am the guy that owns that torpedo. I really don’t know a lot about it, but I can tell you that it is quite old maybe WW2,? Also, I can tell you that what you see is just the way it came out of the crate, from the Navy. well, except for the coat of grey paint.

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Thanks Mark. Small world. In terms of parts not looking original, I and others were wondering if anything had been replaced, or if it was just a matter of original substitute parts being used since it is just a dummy anyway. You answered how it came out of the crate. Not often seen anyway. Thanks.


“Small world” indeed. It stopped by here a few days ago on its way to TN. Supposed to be either an Mk14 or Mk16 ‘Ejection Dummy’. It measures about 20 feet in length. Interesting too is that it crossed the Throgs Neck Bridge (between NYC and Long Island) twice and the GW Bridge also without any Port Authority concern. 20’ trailer here gives good size perspective.

Maaaan it would be cool to have a torpedo.