Dummy primer "configuration" naming 3 questions

Don’t call me “dummy” … I’ll accept “ignorant” (on many a subject) !!!

I think I know how to refer to 3 of these 4

#1 is my question
#2 drilled
#3 open
#4 blind

Yes I know the darkened cases are generally known as “functional dummy” (gun smith’s use, etc.)

I took notice in my dummy drawer that I only have 6 “flat bases” on normally CF rounds ?
(excluding rimfire & shotshells w/ moderately flat bases in .410/.28/.20/.16./12)

Is that unusual for there to be only a few pistol calibers this way ?
(All others of my blackened functional dummies have “drilled” primers

Lastly Is it conundrum (I don’t know where I pulled that word out) to have 2 functional dummies,
flat based, W-W.380, blackened cases with “primer tipped/explosive” bullets??
(am I seeing the wrong ??)

  1. what do you call a “flat base” primer; or lack of … a “flat base” ?
  2. were there just a few pistol calibers made that way?
  3. what do you make of the “explosive” bullet styles in the 380’s?

Re the dummies
#1, I would call a No [primer] pocket example & your #3 I would call empty.

On your “flat base” Winchester-Western they made their whole (CF) product line like this .

No real comment about the explosives