Dummybullet.com order arrived

I ordered some dummies from dummybullet.com. The order arrived this morning. I got a .338 Lapua, 7.62 Nagant, 10 gauge 3.5 inch, 12 gauge minishell, 12 gauge .208 oz nonlethal plastic slug, .50 AE, .454 Casull, and a .50 Beowulf.

I noticed on this dummy cartridge site that they show a headstamp “FIOCCHI USA 45 AUTO.” Has anyone seen any of these cartridges on the market? The case is nickel-plated, by the way. I have not seen this headstamp before.

No, that would be interesting. I have a FMJ 230 grain Ball rounds with “FIOCCHI USA 45 A.C.P.” but no “FIOCCHI USA 45 AUTO.”



Joe - the FIOCCHI USA .45 A.C.P. I have, 230 FMJ, yellow brass case, nickel primer, is made in Hungary, despite the “USA” headstamp. The one on that dummybullet website is as I typed it, with “45 AUTO” instead. Looks like we are going to have the headstamp of the week on calibers other than 9 mm.

Apparently they are coming out with a new “Classic” line. Here’s the one I’ll be looking for:

For reference, here is the image John is talking about. The website is showing it as a reference to demonstrate what a normal primer pocket looks like, and what theirs looks like after they inert it (.357 sig on the right) with the pocket drilled out. I wonder if that is just an image they found, or if they stock that case?

Jon - Find two of those Tokarevs! Another new one on me.