Dunn .22 Boxes Worldwide Remake

Roger and I have moved on from the remake of Tony Dunn’s U.S. 22 Boxes to now doing all the non-US boxes. We are in need of a lot of help, especially you collectors in Europe and Australia. If you have any NON-US .22 boxes, no matter how common you think they are, and are willing to scan them for the remake, please contact me or Roger by email to let us know what you have.

You can go to 22box-id.com to see (for FREE) what has been done so far.

I’m missing the DWM / IWK / Mauser KK80 boxes for starters :)

Vlim–I don’t quite understand your comment. Are you saying you do not have the German section of Tony’s original Xeroxed copy of the .22 Boxes of the World? Or are you saying you need those boxes for your collection? We will get to the German boxes eventually and I do have the Mauser KK80 boxes and quite a few DWM and some IWK, but we need many more variations of the German boxes as well as the rest of the world.

Please, everyone, this project can only be a success with the help of ALL of you. Neither Roger nor I have that great of a collection of Non-US boxes, so we are depending on all of you to help fill in what we do not have.

I meant that I didn’t find them on your website.

I have variations of those boxes available if needed.

Vlim–We have just started doing the non-US boxes and have lots of countries to do. So far we have only done Australia and New Zealand and part of Canada.

I must say that I have been disappointed in the response to my request for help with these boxes. Over 116 people have viewed this thread and so far Vlim and one other collector with French boxes has responded. Come on people, I know there are more of you out there with boxes we could use. I have to assume that most of you 100+ viewers have an interest in .22 boxes or you would not have read this thread. [color=#FF0000]ROGER AND I CAN NOT DO THIS ALONE!!! PLEASE HELP.[/color]

You forgot Iran…

PS: Told ya.

Ron- I applaud your hard work and great success with this project thus far.

I have NO foreign .22 boxes, and the only U.S. .22 boxes I have are really common 20-30 year old “shooting ammo” stuff.

But, I am sure a lot of people have an odd box or two of foreign .22s and can take a few minutes to scan and submit.

Having the Dunn books available at all is a huge contribution to the collecting world, but the making them available IN COLOR and FREE is the sort of treat that we might normally expect from Santa Claus, not mere mortals.

THANK YOU, and I hope you get a better response.

John–I hope we start getting a better response also because, quite frankly, if we don’t, there will be no color update of the Non-Us Dunn catalog. Roger and I have only limited collections of many of the countries. For me personally, I was a very active .22 box collector from mid-1960’s to 1988. I got interested in other areas and have bought NO boxes since 1988. So, while Roger has some of the more recent boxes, we have little to draw on. Do not think that just because all your boxes are newer that we MUST have them. WE DON"T. We need common boxes (both old & new) and rare boxes. That box sitting on your shelf of “shooting stock” may well be a variation we need.

My biggest plea is to the collectors in Europe. With the current restrictions on importing of ammunition into the U.S., there are MANY boxes common in Europe that have never made it to the U.S.

Ultimately, while Roger & I are willing to do our part to help future .22 box collectors, IT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN WITHOUT EVERYONE’S HELP.

JP–Thank you for the scans. While I have some of those, there are many we do not have.

s96.photobucket.com/albums/l190/ … nt=226.jpg

s96.photobucket.com/albums/l190/ … =221-2.jpg

Great Jean, thanks. I got them saved.


  1. due to the fact photobucket compress the pictures I can send them directly to you if you need. The pictures will have a better resolution

  2. about the ones showed all together I can make better pictures of the ones you don’t have


I pulled them right from PhotoBucket and they’re at 300 DPI and actual size which is what we want so they will be fine. There is one though that some of the boxes are cut off an the left side of the scan. It’s 004.jpg with 8 RWS boxes and two CCI Blazer at the top. I could use a rescan of the boxes on the left that are slightly off the scan. Very nice collection. IF you find any more send them along.
Thanks, Roger


Isn’t this the same box that we published in the Iran upgrade? I can’t read them so they my be somewhat different.

Anything you need in here?

Give me a little time to study this. I’m a little tied up right now.

A quick glance shows me we could use the Lapua and the early red and green RWS boxes from the top photo. I think I have almost all of the second photo. Thanks. You can send them to my email address roger@22box-id.com
Thanks for showing them.