Dunn's .22 Boxes Full Color Re-Make

Well, we are finally ready to go public with the Re-Make in [color=#0000FF]full[/color] [color=#BF0000]color [/color]of Tony Dunn’s B&W work on .22 boxes.

Roger Huegel is doing most of the work in putting this together with the help of myself and 2 0r 3 others. We hope to eventually get all of the boxes done in color. So far we have done Peters. Remington, Sears, Western Auto and are currently working on U.S.C.Co.

Go here to view and download our efforts for FREE. The files are in PDF format.


If you have any of the boxes still in B&W, please contact me or Roger. We would very much like to complete each section all in color.

A lot of work has gone into this re-make. Hope you enjoy it.

Great Job!! Very well done!

There must have been a lot of time and effort put into this project. The great thing is your putting it out there for free. It’s much appreciated at least by me!



I just added a new .22 box forum to the site. Right now it’s empty except for the welcome message but I’m hoping it will grow as 22 rimfire box collectors find the site.

Though I am not a 22 box collector I enjoyed. There is a lot of wonderful information as to dates and headstams etc. Thank you for posting.

Fantastic effort, keep it going

That is some excellent work!

I collect .22 tracer boxes and after searching through all the files using the search function in Acrobat, I found none. Is it odd that there were no tracer boxes in all those brands shown, or were .22 tracers begun strictly as a military thing in the 40’s or 50’s and just not to be found in those lists?

GREAT WORK! (And that was a LOT of work!)

I have added a link to this from the main IAA page.

THANK YOU to everyone who helped with this massive project!

Now, go finish the rest…

Matt–To my knowledge no U.S. companies have ever made any .22 Tracers. There are several foreign companies such as Gevelot, Eley, etc. that have.

I would like to get in line with all the other grateful collectors here to say thank you very much for the effort! Great work!

Maybe an anomaly, I see the Remingron Safe-Stun livestock killer .22 cartridges shown only as being in a flat pack, in .22 Short. Over 25 years ago, I had a full carton of them, and they were in conventional-sized 50 round cardboard boxes. But I sold them (along with a Remington stun rifle) long, long ago and my memory cannot provide any details, except I think the carton and boxes were of a predominately red color. I believe, but am not certain, they were .22 LR. Perhaps the Short cartridges were used for smaller animals, and the LR for cattle. I’d think someone out there has an example of this box. I do remember the legend on the box said “For the humane shooting of livestock.”

My guess is that these were never a catalog item and were sold to packing houses only through suppliers to the meat packing industry. Such would no longer be the case after the “Mad Cow Disease” incidents resulted in major changes to cattle slaughter practices, at least in the US, to keep brain and brainstem matter from contaminating other parts of the animal.