Dutch 7.92x57R

I believe this is a 8x58R. Case length is 57.46mm. Base diameter is 11.83mm and projectile diameter is 8.02mm. the projectile is magnetic. Identification as an official loading, or is this otherwise?


Edit; Jon says Dutch 7.92x57R

According to the headstamp, it’s actually a Dutch 7.92x57R MG round, but I have never seen that bullet loading before.

Ok, title changed to Dutch 7.92x57R.

It looks a lot like the 8x56R short range practice projectiles. They are magnetic also, but light weight. There are many slight variations in construction on them.

I’d weigh it and compadre to a ball round.

My guess it that was done by a stuffer.

I think this is a copper hollow point huntig bullet.

To me it looks like a typical RWS or Brennecke design (excuse me for not trying to figure what it is - I do not invest time to research hunting ammo):
iaaforum.org/forum3/viewtopic.ph … 43&start=0

I guess less stuffing here than altered surplus ammo which was not good for anything else.

Found it I think.
It should be the RWS “H-Mantel Geschoss”.

yes, this is a Kupferhohlspitzgeschoss, as mentioned by rigby and EOD.
DWM and RWS made many various loadings -including this one- during the wartime from confiscated foreign ammo, by just changing bullets. This was done, as in Germany where no resources left for producing hunting ammo, so the confiscated Military ammo, which was not re-used for Military purposes was used up for civilian use. There are many 7x57 from FN also used up, but on them mostly the hs was turned away or overstamped.
Sorry, no photo at Moment…


Thanks everyone. Round is not mine and belongs to a local friend. He had always wondered about it, but now he has no need to.


Aren’t the Austrian M30 and the Hungarian 31M short range bullets only partly magnetic? Jack

The tip on this one is not as magnetically attractive as the rest of the projectile with a strong magnet. Therefore when I use a weak magnet, the tip shows to be non magnetic. The tip is actually more of a copper color.