Dutch? ammo tin

Who made this 7.62x51 Ammo tin? I thought it may be Dutch, as I have seen the letters “AI” (bottom left) on Dutch made .303 Rounds made at Artillerie - Inrichtingen NV Zaandam. Is this the same “AI” that made my ammo tin? I bought this for

That AI represents the folks who filled the can but not necessarily who made the can. Those impressed letters might be the makers code.

This is a old Ammo tin and it is Dutch,the ammo was maked by Artillerie - Inrichtingen NV Zaandam in 1964 and the tin and ammo were just by the Dutch army.
1 tracer-2 ammor piercing-2 ball and linked with M13 links
Who made the tin,I have no idee

Thanks, So I was right about the tin being Dutch, and the ammo that was in the tin at one time being made by AI.