DWM 10.75 x 62

A while ago I acquired a 10.75 x 62 Mauser case headstamped “K DWM K 515” This looks to never have been fired as it is clean on the inside and has no primer cap. I guess this was bought originally as un unprimed empty. The letters are the old style with serifs, did DWM resume making this round after WW2? Can anyone tell from this description how old this case is.


Falcon - I cannot tell you the exact date that DWM stopped putting serifs on the letters in their headstamps. It was probably an evolutionary process as bunters wore out, anyway, with a date spread involved, rather than a specific date or even year. I can tell you that I don’t think once dropped, that they ever went back to Serif letters. I have a 9mm Parabellum round from DWM headstamped “DWM K 9 28” so in this caliber, anyway, they had dropped the serifs by September 1928. I would think your NUPE case is from that era.

So it is pretty old then, this is one of my many, many items that does not fall into my British SAA under 20mm category, but still, it is a cartridge, so I have room for it.

The 10.75x63 (aka 10.5x62) DWM case that you have was introduced by DWM c1907 and was last listed in the 1934 DWM catalog as “while stocks last”. However, the DWM production is only known in two hs styles "DWM K 515 K " and "DWM K 515. K " (ie with “dot”), both of which were stopped by 1925.

Regarding serifs on DWM hs, from much analysis of DWM sporting hs I conclude that the serifs style lettering was dropped in 1926 as there are several case types with “u u” DWM hs codes (1926) that both use serifs and also don’t use serifs. No serifs are present on “t t” codes (ie 1927).

Cheers WBD, I can now put my 10.75x62 NUPE at before 1926. I also have a 9.3x74R DWM NUPE with serifs, so I presume pre-1926 also applies to this.