DWM .222 Remington

I got this yesterday in the box of cases I have been talking about. It is a brass, Berdan primed .222 Remington NUPE by DWM. The headstamp is: “C DWM C .222 REM”. What do the Cs mean? Does it indicate the factory location as with the Ks on older DWM ammunition that indicate Karlsruhe? If so, where does it indicate?

The “C C” is an early post-WW2 DWM date code and is believed to represent 1962. The “K K” factory code was not used after WW2 but later in 1963 when NWM production began “K” was used to represent Karlsruhe production (ie “K B”) and “H” represented the s

Thanks WBD, this makes another question as well as answers one. It now appears that my three other DWM rounds were made in 1936 as indicated by the Ks and not at the Karlsruhe factory as I thought they indicated. The calibres and headstamps are shown below:

9.3 x 74R (K DWM K 474A)
9.5 x 57 Mannlicher-Schoenauer (K DWM K 531)
10.75 x 62 Mauser (K DWM K 515)

Thanks anyway for helping with the .222 headstamp.

Falcon, the “K K” hs can be particularly confusing. There are used as follows:

  • “K K” used at 3 and 9 o’clock in bigger lettering indicated manufacture by DWM at their Karlsruher factory (as opposed to the “B B” = Berlin and
    L L= L

Yes, all 3 of my DWM rounds in European calibres listed do have the serifs on the lettering, so they are all pre-1925 Karlsruhe after all.