Dwm 407

I recently encountered a reference to a DWM 407 7.65mm pistol cartridge.
It is not in E&B, my field is years in auto pistol ctgs & I have never heard of it.
Any help?

There is not any 7,65 with DWM casenumber 407.
407 is given to:
407 = Chile Kal. 11mm Einheitshülse, Gras-Comblain

Maybe you or your source mix it up with 471, or 497, which can be easely done, if someone makes a writing error or type-error
497= 7,63 (7,65) Mannlicher Karabiner and Karabiner-Pistol M1901
471= 7,65 Parabellum

I agree with Forensic. Aside from knowing that the number 407
was assigned to an 199 mm rifle cartridge, in 55 years of collecting
auto pistol rounds, I too, have never heard of one with a DWM “407”
case number. The other common 7.65 mm pistol cartridge not mentioned
by Forensic is the 7.65 mm Browning, but that carries the basic number
“479” although usually (not always) see with the case number 479A on the
headstamp. I have a dummy round in that caliber that is only with the “479”
case number, NOT followed by a “A” and I know of at least two or three
loaded cartridges with only “479” on the headstamp.

John Moss

Many thanks for the replies. Confusion in auto pistol calibers
doesn’t need any help from bogus entries like “407”.