DWM 7,65 mm



Any idea how old this box is?

7,65 mm produced by DWM

Thanks in advance


Don’t know the exact date, but I suspect that only the
few rounds marked K DWM K 7.65 are original to the box,
since the label indicated production at Karlsruhe. The other
rounds, with “BB” are from the Berlin Bordigwade plant of

John Moss


I think this box style is basically WWII vintage.



The DWM logo shown on this box was registered on 23/7/1936,


Thanks alot for the answers :) It confirmed my thoughts, that it is from ww2.
About the differents type of headstamps, is it possible that it was done at the plant?
Any way, I can’t see why they should have done it!




My notes say that the DWM logo above first showed up in the 1937 catalog.

What box style was introduced in 1941, or you implying DWM stopped producing commercial ammunition in 1941?




Dane, people are often filling up boxes when rounds are missing (or have been spent). A very common thing and often observed by people who do research in this field as they are mostly able to tell this apart.
Sometimes this is very missleading.



Yes, the first catalogs that DWM produced with the new logo were in 1937 which makes sense since according to German brand name archives it was registered on 30 June 1936: This was three weeks after the company name reverts fully to DEUTSCHE WAFFEN UND MUNITIONSFABRIKEN (AG). By then the 1936 DWM catalogs would have already been produced (The “BKIW vormals DWM” designation still appears in all 1936 catalogs, including Inland and Engros-liste editions). The next catalogs to be produced would be 1937. Similarly the packets would change with the new company name and include the logo, later in 1936 or quite possibly 1937.

Yes, DWM Commercial (sporting) production was supposed to stop in 1941 but there was bound to be some produced later - certainly RWS sporting packets were known dated at least up to 1944.


I have commercial style Geco boxes in 9x19 dated 1943 and probably 1944. I have a 1944 dated Geco commercial style box in 6.35mmB dated in 1944. I would be very surprised if non-military production stopped in 1941. Since there was essentially no commercial US style market for ammo in Germany during the war, what we (I) call commercial boxes like the one shown above were actually for non-Army activities like the police or people authorized to carry a weapon or others in special activities. There was still export to German allies until late in the war. I have a box of Geco military headstamped 9x19mm for Romania.

The story of this non-military ammunition has led me to do a lot of reading on the German procurement process during the war, since practically all ammo plants were owned by companies. including the Polish plant (kam) was actually controlled by the SS through a company they apparently controlled. It is hard to find material indicating who the Navy, police, and parts of the SS got their ammo. If anyone has suggestions, I would like to see them.



Lew - Still, despite Geco/RWS production, it would not
surprise me at all if DWM Karsruhe stopped commercial poduction of
at least pistol cartridges in 1941. Most of what you see from DWM, other
than the faa-code 9 mm rounds, made during the war years seem to be
from the Berlin-Borsigwalde factory or from FN, sometimes using the DWM
headstamp rather than “FN.” Don’t have time to look through my collection
right now to test this, so admit, I am going by a very faulty memory.

I don’t think WBD was speaking of any maker other than DWM and he actually
points out RWS sporting packets from the war years past 1941.

While the box on the thread has mostly B DWM B headstamps, it is clear from
the box printing that the rounds correct for that box were the K DWM K-headstamped
cartridges. I have never seen or heard of a factory-mixed commercial box with
cartridges from both Karlsruhe and Berlin-Borsigwalde original to the box.

john m