DWM 7.9mm date codes

WBD posted an excellent list of DWM date codes on another thread (

An interesting variety of DWM hs. The only points that I notice are:

#16, 18, 19 are 8x56 MS rather than 8x57 Mauser.

You give #19 as 1932 which implies “o o” hs codes but the image looks more like “p p” - can you double check the small letters ?

I am unsure whether #13 represents Borsigwalde production or post-WW2 “B B” date codes (prob 1963) ? Note that at some stage in the mid-1930’s (probably 1936) DWM began the process of completely blackening the primer on “S” calibre 8mm Mauser for sporting production.


Thanks a lot for your comments and corrections. #16, 18 & 19 came in a box full of 7.9x57mm rounds and I didn’t look up the DWM code 528 to see what they really were. You are right about # 19, it is “p p”. That would make it 1931, right? I will make a note to myself that #13’s “B B” could be a date code. Thanks again for your time.