DWM 7X57R date?

Can someone tell me approximate production date for this 7X57R DWM headstamp?
DWM K M 93 A K

7x57R Mauser A base

This was the first of the true sporting 7mm M93 Mauser cartridges, the M93A had the same raised base with the “MB” diameter rim of the 8mm M88A Mauser (M1). The main purpose of this case-type was probably for 11mm Mauser rifles converted to 7mm. More commonly known as the “A” type base, this was replaced by the more modern narrower flat rim of the M93B (M48) - see images.

This was produced only by DWM from c1896 and listed in DWM catalogs from 1904 until 1938. It is only confirmed to exist with the (pre 1925 style) “DWM K M93A K” hs. It was allocated DWM case #380H (c1896) and is rumoured to exist with a “380H” but this is unconfirmed and seems unlikely.

So produced from c1896-1924 but still listed until 1938 by DWM.

Thank you for the great info.