DWM 8mm what is it?

I’ve been curious about this round for a while, thought I’d see if anyone knew what it was. The bullet diameter is .323", and weight is 158 grains.

It is a 7,92 x 57 Mauser made by the Lubeck factory of DWM. The “J” letter is probably a code for “1937”

What is that projectile?

As far I can see in the picture the primer has black sealent around and the bullet is a tracer ( ?) with a black tip and a red band just under the black portion . An unknown type to me

Pivi, where did you get the info that this 8x57 was produced at the L

Azz… my mistake. I took a look to a list of 8 x 57 hds list .I was interested to a hds with the letter “J” at 6 o’clock and simply copied the description in fact there was a "DWM L J L " pictured and fatelk’s sample has the two K

WBD is right , it was made in the Karlshure factory

Pivi - a lot of tracers without the black tip on the bullet and the red primer seal covered with a black seal were sent to Spain and Portugal in the 1970s. You find the same thing with RWS rounds made in 1937. I don’t know why they changed the primer seal and eliminated the black tip - perhaps it was not the marking specification the receiving countries wanted.

So this is a common tracer with an odd tip color, as requested by Spain or Portugal at some point? I’m still a little confused and curious.

Also, a couple of other headstamps I was curious about, but didn’t figure are worth a new thread:

  1. Arabic script, 7,5MAS, made Damascus, Syria, probably 1956 if I read the year correctly.
    2 “SCAMP” Small Calibre Ammunition Manufacturing Program (or Project).

A high speed, self contained, rotary press transfer system which starts with rolls of brass sheet, gilding metal sheet, lead wire core, Powder and primers, and Lacquer, and ends with finished ammunition at the rate of several million rounds a shift… Machinery initially supplied in the USA by Gulf+Western ( an OIL Engineering and machinery supplier), to the Lake City and Fecderal (Twin Cities) Plants at the period between the Vietnam war and the Other " overseas entanglements" of the US. Also adopted by many other nations, although some have scrapped their SCAMP systems for those of New LaChaussee (Belgium) or Manurhin, (France) or Fritz Werner (Germany) which although also working on the workpiece transfer system, are more verstile than the SCAMP system.

US SCAMP systems use a headstamp “dot” code, interspersed between the headstamp identifiers and digits, to indicate which "station " of the multiple rotary heads the case was formed and loaded on… a bit like a multi headed Juice or Beer Bottle filler)…in fact the Engineering principles are the same.

First trials, using the “SCAMP” headstamp, were done at Federal’s “TW” Army Ammunition plant, and then the headstamp was refined further when Lake City was fully equipped, scrapping the WW II type “Plate Loading” systems formally used on the .30/O6 and the early 7,62 Nato and 5,56.

Countries which use SCAMP systems include Israel, Korea, Taiwan-ROC, Australia (in tests over 10 years, then went Manurhin), and some other “Client states” of the USA.

I have found quantities of “SCAMP” headstamped ammo come out of some Pacific Islands as scrap in the 1990s, probably 'over-runs" sold thru the surplus trade or as aid from the USA.

Regards, Doc AV
AV Ballistics.