DWM 9.3 x 74R


Here’s a DWM headstamp format that I don’t recall seeing before, with the case number at the 12 o’clock position, a date at 6 o’clock, and lacking the ‘DWM’.


Guy, I have a similar one - mine has dashes as well as stars (might pay to doublecheck yours). When I got it I was told that this was likely DWA production.

This makes sense to me. The DEUTSCHE WERKE AG (DWA) operated from late 1919 - c1924. Other DWA hs include the DWM codes eg “D.W.A. 474C 9.3x62” and also I think dates “DWA 10 20” (9mm Para) ??

Maybe someone has a packet to confirm this ?


A check with the magnifying glass revealed no dashes on this one.


Well that appears to be a variation that I am not aware of. Here is an image of my hs: