DWM 9 mm "Paarbellum"

I have seen boxes by FN labeled “Lüger-Browning” and “Lüger-Parabellum”, but this one by DWM Berlin-Borsigwalde beats them all: 9 mm “Paarbellum”!!!

Fede - nice box. Have seen this before somewhere. Boxes that spell “Luger” with an unlaut over the “u” are equally mis-spelled.

Just goes to prove nobody is perfect!!! But we have seen a lot of proof of that on the Forum already. I already had this photo in my files, but yours has had the background trimmed and is much more presentable. Many thanks!


I think I still have somewhere a factory box of PMC .38 Super that is stamped “.38 Supper” on the end flaps. Very tasty.

This the right one. Maybe is just my imagination, but this picture seems to show a correction made using an overlabel with the “ara” letters.