DWM 9mm Truncated Bullet Cartridges


I am still trying to sort out the early DWM production of 9mm Para ammunition. Part of this includes understand the dates of production of early DWM dated (i.e. military) ammunition.

DWM production with dated cases (which I will call military production) through mid-1916 was limited to cartridges with truncated cone bullets, both CNCS FMJ loads and CNCS HP loads. In 1916 and 1917 there are truncated cone GMCS FMJ loads which seem to always be associated with DWM 50 round boxes printed in Dutch and identified in reference material as Dutch contract loads.

Below are the known dates for the three types of loads

Truncated Cone CNCS FMJ

  • = Not in my collection but reported to exist. I have confirmed 09. 4. with a photo.
    DWM cartridges with later dates have Round-Nose bullets except for the Dutch contract loads listed below.

Truncated Cone CNCS HP

Truncated Cone GMCS FMJ-Dutch Contract

Note: Dutch Boxes have been documented dated 1915, 1917 and 1918. I only have the 1917 box. The cartridge cases in DWM boxes are usually dated a month or more before the load date on the box so the 10 and 11 dates from 1917 were probably packed in 1918 boxes, though some could have been in 1917 boxes as well.

The early DWM headstamps have a dot behind the year and the month through 10. 7. and then the dot only behind the month through 11 5. Tje exception is DWM K 9 10 headstamps are known both with and without a dot behind the nine.


lew, good evening …

my earliest military headstamped DWM’s are two DWM_K_9_10, without any points beyond month and year.

DWM_K_(3. & 4. & 5.)_11, with an point after the month-indication, you need some fantasy to see the point at some of the pictures, but it’s there …

DWM_K_5_1912, _2& 8& 9& 10_1914, _1_1915 all without any points

all rounds are TC CNCS

regards wolfganggo

by the way
any idea about this “two’s” …
bullet is magnetic so i think TC FMJ CNCS with about 190 grains
i dont belive in glisenti, mine are not magnetic and i think some grains lighter.

Wolfganggo, Thanks for the info. The DWM K 9 10 without the dot is very interesting. I rechecked mine and it definitely has a dot (actually a short vertical line).

I noticed that you don’t list any HP loads. I have been told by other German 9mmP collectors that these mostly show up in the US. Since the US imports ammo, including surplus ammo, from everywhere, I am not surprised.

I have a number of unheadstamped truncated rounds with flat brass primers that have magnetic bullets which appear to be German at first glance. One of them has a very rough grain powder that has no basic shape (i.e. tube or flake) which is very probably not German. Another has typical German WW! style powder which is very likely German. All the Glisenti seem to have non-magnetic bullets as far as I know, though 30+ years ago an Italian collector (Alessio Grimaldi) told me that a Glisenti AP load with a core had limited production.

Just for your info, a couple of years ago a truncated CNCS bullet 9mm cartridge was found in Austria (but I didn’t get it) with the headstamp-“S” on top and “18” on the bottom. It really looks German and could be a contract by Spandau, but who could it have been for??? Really strange. Keep your eyes out for one, or really two-one for each of us!!!