DWM Box 9mm kurz DWM#540


Today I got an other DWM_Box, looking different as the old one…
Here the pic including the fabrication date mark…maybe of interest for LEW…
I Show the old box, which i had before (sorry no markings on the box noted down, so no fabric-code known:

and here the box just received. Appearently different text-design:



Forensic - nice boxes. Thanks for sharing. For some reason, here you seldom see a DWM box for the 9 mm kurz Patronen. The pink label box is very similar to some 7.63 x 25 mm Mauser Pistol boxes meant for two ladestreifen of 10 rounds each.

Thanks for posting.

John M.

Many thanks for this information. John is correct that these DWM 9mmK boxes seem scarce. With well over 100 inputs to the study as previously only had one 9mmK box. That one is identical to your top box but with a date code of inside the flap indicating it was loaded in 1942. If has the DWM logo on the side that was introduced in 1936. It is a shame that your box doesn’t have a code.

Your pink box is an interesting introduction to the study. All previous boxes in Browning calibers since 1934 or so have the red & black boxes of various styles, except for the top 9mmK box you illustrate and a 66 round 7.65mm B box. The address on your box would indicate production from no earlier than 1936, yet the style appears to be that of earlier boxes. On the other hand, we have not recorded a 9mm K box with the red & black style. Perhaps production of 9mmK was so low that they never adopted the red & black box.

Are there markings on the side of the pink box??? if so an image would be apprecdiated.

Please confirm that the top box has side markings shown below.


If anyone has DWM 9mmK boxes from WWII or earlier, please share images.

In fact, any images of DWM boxes from WWII boxes that are not military boxes, would be greatly appreciated.


Interesting that the box label mentions Mauser.
There were no commercially available 9mmK Mauser pistols until 1968…

Vlim - Great observation! I didn’t even notice that. You are right. I cannot think of any production Mauser Pistol made in 9 mm kurz caliber until the post-war production of the Mauser HSc pistols in that caliber.

Thanks for bringing that to our attention!

John M.

A similar statement appears on 7.65mmB and perhaps was simply lifted with no thought!!!


Says its for system (type) Mauser, Browning, Ortgies - not sure what usw means :)


usw. is a German abreviation and means …und so weiter…, in English …and so on…



As far as saying its for the “System Mauser, etc.” on the 9 mm Kurz box, not sure what that would mean anyway, since most of the 9 mm kurz caliber pistols were straight blowback, and hence more of a “System Browning/FN.” As I recall, the CZ vz. 24 did have a delayed-blowback system of a rotating barrel, which may have been part of the Nickl System on the Mauser Nickl prototypes that led to the CZ - I simply don’t know not having ever examined one, but even then, the rotating barrel was known earlier than the Nickl-patent pistols. I seem to recall it was in various Roth and Steyr Pistols.

Edited to delete response to Lew’s comment, which I misinterpreted on the first reading.
Lew was correct that the statement could have just been carried over to the 9 mm kurz box basically without thought.

It just doesn’t seem like the Mauser name, referring to the pistol for the K DWM K 540 9 mm kurz rounds, belongs there.

John Moss