DWM cartridge drawings

Anyone have a online source for the drawings?

Anyone have Lew Curtis III book on DWM cartridge drawings for sale or seen one listed?

Been looking to verify a DWM K 403 K cartridge with a chromed body and primer as a .30 Mauser dummy. Will post pic when I get a second.

Thanks for the help.

The DWM (Deutsche Waffen-und Munitionsfabriken A.-G.) case number “403” is .30 Mauser. A nickeled case, primer and bullet is a dummy round (Exerzierpatrone). Most DWM 7.63 Mauser dummies have coreless bullets. If you weigh it against a loaded specimen, you will find a big difference in overall cartridge weight if it does have a coreless bullet.

John Moss

Missing something - I forgot to mention that you can get all those great DWM publications, all copies of their original case and bullet registers, from Lewis Curtis. They are all still available, and you can find information on his website. There is a direct link to it both on the IAA site, or even quicker if you are on the Forum, on the thread about the 9mm Para German Blanks, contained in his contribution to that thread.

If you order them, cut him some slack about delivery time right now, please. I have them all, and they are an important part of my library, or that of anyone with and interest in DWM, their ammnition, or the history of the cartridges of the period from about 1900 - 1945.

And no, I don’t work on commission (Hee! Hee!) Happy New Year.

John Moss

Thanks John, I will buzz him an email in the new year.

Here are some photos of my find.

And yes they are very light.

Yes, those are definitely typical DWM dummy round in .30 Mauser caliber. Very, very nice condition. These are often found with snapped primers at the least, and sometimes showing lots of use. They are a very common dummy, one of the more common DWM dummy cartridges actually, but not so much in this condition. Nice find.

John Moss