DWM Case# 393 : 9.4x56

This cartridge was shown in the 1904 DWM catalog (as case #393) and would have been designed c1893 by DM-K. This is similar to the 9.5x57 Mannlicher-Schoenauer but was introduced much earlier and obviously available commercially for more than a decade.

I was unsure whether examples actually exist but because the DWM casebook shows a loading for this so I assumed that it is likely to have been produced.

Recently searching the Internet I discoved that an example appears to exist in the British Imperial War Museum collections:


Does anyone else have one of these or have seen this in the IWM collections ?

To me this is a great ‘find’ and I wonder if anyone from England can get a photograph of this cartridge and headstamp ?

Brad, it would be great if someone can get pictures and measurements of this cartridge. A great “find” indeed.

I should be able to obtain pictures from the IWM. I am there regularly doing my own research.


Tony, that would be great. As Fede says, pictures and measurements of this cartridge would be of great use to the DWM ‘afficiandos’ in the CC world.

Much appreciated. Thanks

Tony, any progress in getting to the IWM to photograph and measure this DWM case ?

Sent you a Private Message (PM) re costs etc but it appears that your IAA forum Inbox is full.