DWM Date Code on Boxes

A recent posting relating to DWM date codes on headstamps prompted me to write this posting.

From the early 1900s through the beginning of WWII, most DWM boxes contained a date code stamped on the bottom of the box. This is particularly true of DWM Karlsruhr, but the boxes of Berlin frequently also contained a code on the back.

I have documented quite a few of these codes, particularly for pistol calibers (for example: 266 AR, 645 AE, 364 AE, 685WTV, 413 UV, 268VV, 028AEV, 232 EV, 325 ASV). The format is usually three numbers followed by two or three letters. The letters A, E, R, S, U & V are found very often on the boxes I have documented but Z, W, T & L also appear.

Does anyone have any ideas, insights or documentation on the meaning of these codes. I suspect most are from the 1920s and 1930s.

I have arranged them by the different names DWM used on the boxes (They were BKIW from 1933-1936) but even during the BKIW period there were a wide of codes used:
132 A V 7.65 Para
152 A V 7.65 Para (marked Jun 33-Jun 36)
325 ASV 9mmP (BKIW on front label-black trim)
039 AEV 9mmP (BKIW on front label-black trim)
17.P.L 22LR Red box
179 6 6.5x54mm Red box
037 AEV 7.63M Red label
154 A 9mmM pink label

So this has been little help.

Any suggestions appreciated. Info to read the code would be GREATLY appreciated.