Dwm factories ww2 era

Does anyone know in which concentration camps DWM made ammunition during the WW2 era ?


There is a german internet site about the DWM factory( www.dwm-schlutup.de).This site held a lot of pictures old an new and the story from the beginnig to the end.
Unfortunately in German you have to find a translator.


Interesting site but DWM and others are not very helpfull when it come to researching their connections with concentration camps. It is understandable.

The Quandt family which owned DWM and other munitions firms during the nazi era were well connected with the nazis.

Of possible interest : the Quandt family acquired interests in the Accumulatoren-Fabrik AG (AFA) in the midst of the Great Inflation of 1923. The acquisition of this firm, the major supplier of submarine batteries during the First World War, allowed the Quandt family to make the leap to the big time in German manufacturing as part of the weapons industry. From submarine batteries the Quandt family then turned to large-scale munitions manufacture with the take over of the Deutsche Waffen- und Munitionsfabriken (DWM) in 1928, just on the eve of the Great Depression.
With the rise of Hitler, the Quandts became enmeshed in the Nazi horror. The marriage of Gunther Quandt’s ex-wife Magda to Joseph Goebbels initially linked the Quandt family to the Nazis, but Guenther Quandt and his sons all played significant independent roles in the Third Reich. Each eventually became a member of the Nazi party, and, more importantly, the Quandt firms of AFA and DWM (as well as the heavily Quandt-invested Daimler-Benz) utilized slave labor from the concentration camps of Hannover-Stcken, Mauthausen, and Sachsenhausen.

Gunther was an insider with SS leader Himmler providing financial and manufacturing information. Himmler offered him the rank of General in the SS which he wisely refused. This kept him out of the war crimes trials.

The family has been very successful at keeping a low profile. There is a German language book in print about them.