DWM Hulsen No 394

Empty box I acquired.
DWM Hulsen No 394
What is the Time frame of box?
I looked up DWM case numbers for this.
To me it is confusing
The is a 394, 394A,B,C,D, E
What is the correct name for this case?
6.5 x 53.5 Romanian Mannlicher M/93?
DWM Hulsen 394 DWM Hulsen 394 a

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Here is an overview of the DWM case number list of 1913.

No one else has made any comments on the box, so here goes:

This is an example of a DWM generic box for cases (sometimes primed), known in several styles and similar ones were used for bullets. Some don’t have any printed writing at all while others have just “50” and then " 50 Hülsen No ……." in elegant handwriting style (like yours) and then a newer “50 Hülsen Nr.” in normal printed text style. The ECRA Dataviewer has some examples of these.

These were likely used from shortly after 1896 when “DWM” was established and are even known printed with "“BERLIN-KARLSRUHER INDUSTRIE-WERKE AG vormals DEUTSCHE WAFFEN UND MUNITIONSFABRIKEN” containing 1930 dated cases and may well be pre-1933.

All the non BKIW ones I have seen contained DWM cases with the "DWM K XXX K " pre-1925 style hs.
Yours was likely to contain cases with the standard “DWM K 394 K” hs as follows (but likely unprimed):


I suspect that your box dates from c1900-1914.

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