DWM K 167 K Martini-Henry


I was offered a couple of the DWM .577/450 Martini Henry cartridges. I don’t have one of these in the collection, nor do I recall ever seeing this headstamp before. Were these military contract or for sporting use?


I received the cartridge today. This and a number of other really interesting cartridges were in storage for 30+ years, apparently not in the best conditions, which resulted in oxidized bullets and case corrosion. Here’s a picture of the DWM.


Looks alright in the photo. Very nice, I dont think I have seen a DWM h/s variant before


Really very nice. According to list on the www.municion.org it should be Portugese Martini Henry.



Thanks for the link - I had not thought to check there.


The DWM case number listing only shows it as English, Martini Henry. It shows four variations of the case, including one that looks like a two piece case as well as a subcaliber training round. This implies there were a number of customers (or potential customers) for the cartridge.

It is listed under military rifle cartridges in Deutsche Metall Patronen Fabrik Lorenz catalog 1 and DM K catalog 2 (April 1892) so it was available for commercial sale as well as sale to the military. A sale to the Portugese is logical, but there is no evidence that the cartridge was produced for the Portugese. They were probably only one of a number of buyers, both military and commercial. It is however listed as a military cartirdge so classifying it as such in your collection is logical.




Thanks Lew.

I was able to track down the box that my cartridges came from. The picture the owner took is rather small; I suspect he used a cell phone for the picture. It has a rather generic label, and is in pretty bad condition, but a little of what is on the label can be made out. I’ll post a better picture if I am successful in purchasing the box.


I finally received the DWM .450 Martini Henry box. Here are a few more pictures:


Guy: Interestingly enough this is a smokeless load. The 2.4 g. charge of Scheibenpulver [Target powder] amounts to 37 gr., less than half the proper black powder charge for this cartridge. The bullet is described as Rundkopf Geschoss nr. [illegible numeral?] 27, or Round nosed bullet no. 27 or whatever. Jack


Thanks for pointing that out. I would never have even considered that this might be a smokeless cartridge. Someone had scraped all of the gunk off of one of the bullets, removing the patch as well, so I went ahead and pulled the bullet, which came out with very little effort. The powder is a dark yellow, definately not black powder, and the charge is as expected, 37 grains.