DWM K 479A K Question


I just got a box of DWM K 479A K headstamped 7.65/32acp ( with seriffs). Cartidges have a flat brass primer and brass fmj. In looking at my DWM pistol rounds, I do not see any brass FMJ except for a DWM508A/25acp I picked up at St. Louis last year. Are DWM pistol rounds with brass fmj rare. Whats the history/story.
Bob R.


The 7.65m/m Browning is about the most common case of finding brass-jacketed bullets in DWM cartridges. I have five examples in my collection:

B DWM B 479A Brass Case
B DWM B 479A Steel Case
K DWM K 479A Serifs
DWM 7.65 Large numbers
DWM 7.65 Smaller numbers

I also have a brass-bulleted K DWM K 508A .23 auto round, with serif letters.

I do not have the .380 auto. I would say that brass jakcets in any auto pistol calibers other than 6.35mm and 7.65mm are scarce in DWM loadings.