DWM Karlsruhe address

We are going to the ECRA show in Germany and will be having a short holiday as well. One of the areas we will be going to is the Black Forest region, which is where Karlsruhe is. Does anyone know what their street address was, I would like to take a look at where the factory was?

The old factory Building is in 76135 Karlsruhe Lorenzstraße 19…in this historical Building is now the “Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie Karlsruhe”.

Enoy your trip to Germany. …se you on the Meeting…maybe. ;)


Thanks very much!

The building that houses ZKM today was erected during WW1 as block A. The entire surrounding area was occupied by DWM. By the way, under its roof along Lorenzstraße, DWM had a 300 m small arms range for testing hunting ammunition between the wars. (The building is 320 m long.)

When in Karlsruhe, you might visit the former site of DWM Grötzingen factory (primers, loading of small arms ammunition): between the street “Im Speitel” and the small river called Pfinz.

Geco ammunition factory was in Wolfartsweier. Follow B3 south. You can’t miss the shot tower, which is the last remaining building. The street is “Im Zündhütle”.

Consider visiting the Mauser Museum (part of Museum im Schwedenbau) in Oberndorf.
Open Friday through Sunday 1400-1700 hours (also Tuesday and Wednesday)