DWM M88B ID Needed

I have a 8mm x 58mm cartridge with headstamp “DWM K K M88B”. What cartridge is this?

Is it really a 58 mm long case?
I have the same M88 headstamp on my 8 x 57I sample,but M88B should be the rimmed variation called 8 x 57IR

According to Brad Dixon in his book “European Sporting Cartrodges”, DWM introduced a series of sporting cartridges based on the 7.92 x 57 M88 cartridge starting in the 1890’s. The 1904 DWM catologue lists these in a series from M88A to M88H and were originaly headstamped as such e.g.,‘K DWM K M88A’. They were -

M88A - 8 x 57R with the raised “Mauser” or ‘A’ base
M88B - 8 x 57R with a flat or ‘B’ base
M88C - 8 x 57R with narrower rim
M88D - 8 x 42R aka 8 Mauser Kurz
M88E - 8 x 51R later renamed M88H2
M88F - 8 x 57 the catalogue shows it with the 8.15 bullet, no known h/s
M88G - 8 x 57 sporting version of the M88 military round
M88H - 8 x 51 rimless

Hope this helps - JCP

I agree.Actually the 8 x 42R is a short version of the 8 x 51R.

I think we both agree that ron’s sample is a 8 x 57R (.318 bullet) with flat base


Thanks everybody, especially JCP for the list of M88A-H cartridges which explains the “B” part of the DWM number.
It was the “B” that really had me confused. And you are all correct, the case is actually 57.03mm not 58mm. I did not have my calipers handy when I posted the first request and just used a plastic ruler.

That list by JCP also answers another question I have had for a long time. One that I have asked many other collectors about over the last 50 years with no answer. The question is “Why is the Mauser “A” base called the “A” base?”

Ron, it is called “A” quite simply because the case was designated “M88A” ie “A” - it is actually DWM case #366B. The conventional rim version 8x57R was the M88B and had the “B” rim as opposed to the older “A” rim.

More correctly this is an “MB” rim which has been combined with the 8mm Mauser M88 rimless cartridge - this was done by 1891.

The “MB” case (as per 11x60R Mauser) is the solid drawn version of the original folded “B” case (as per 11.5x50R Bavarian Werder). The B was first perfected by Heinrich Utendoerffer in 1869 and this was replaced by the “MB” case c1874/1875.

It is now believed that:

B = “Bavarian” = first type , light construction.
MB = “Massive-Bavarian” Solid head version of ‘B’