DWM primer fabrication at Durlach

Reading the old book “50 years of DWM, published 1939” i found an interesting capter about the primer fabrication around 1900.
DWM esteblished with the help of Ernst Schreiner an primer fabrication at Durlach (at the “kastenäcker” location).
This “Kastenäcker” location does not equal the later founded Wolfartsweier / now abandoned GeCo plant.

The Durlach DWM primer plant was erected 1895
Ernst Schreiner handed over the factory 1897 to DWM, and then founded in the same year an new (second) plant at Wolfartsweier location, which was taken over by Gustav Genschow 1903.

The DWM primer plant was closed 1901.
The fabrication was moved to Grötzingen, were an new building was erected, east of the Grötzingen plant.
I found this picture, which i believe that it shows this new Grötzingen workshop at deutsche digitale bilbliothek

Has any one informations about this shortlived DWM primer plant in Durlach ???
Today you will find a “Kastenäcker” location about 6 km north of the old GeCo plant in Wolfartsweier in the google earth carts.

regards from Austria