DWM promotional poster


In the web I just came across this old DWM promotional poster and once more was impressed by the art work of those days.
What we see today does not even come close nor deserves the name and let alone attention.

Also I was reminded much that DWM was also making other items than ammunition.
Interestingly they are advertizing their ball bearings as a “DWF” brand it seems. Or is that a particular type of bearing?

Thought I share this great poster. Hope you will like it as much as I do.



Great period poster, thanks for sharing.



I remember something about Allies bombing Motorfahrzeugenfabrik somewhere in Germany during WWII specifically because ballbearings were so critical to German military vehicle production. Guess they were right. Just couldn’t remember where it was.


Vlad, that was “SKF” in Schweinfurt. A prominent target for bomb raids during WW2.



EOD - is “Schweinfurth” with a “h” on the end a typo. I
have always seen this referred to as “Schweinfurt.” Perhaps
the latter is just an English-language spelling?

john M.


John, of course it is a typo!

It always happens when I try to be fast and use my thumbs for typing… sorry!

Embarassing enough you had to tell me…
Will correct it.


Don’t be embarrassed. I recently got a history lesson
on the Korea war on this Forum, after studying that war
both in school, in the Army, and on my one for years and
years. My teachers here were absolutely correct. I can’t
even claim “typo.” They were simply blurred memories all
running together. I love getting old!

John M.