Dynamic Research Technologies (DRT) Powder Core Bullets

I was going through my DRT cartridges today and realized that they evolved a good deal since their introduction about 2007. The boxes basically have one of the two box labels below although the most recent (from sometime between March 2013 and June 2013) boxes have become 20rd.

The box with the two ladies on the front is dated August 2009 and the one with the cartridges is dated March 2013. The boxes have an uncoded load date inside the endflap. Between the dates of these two boxes the company not only changed box labels but also location from Grant City MO to Albany MO. They also changed bullet designs at least once and changed headstamps.

I would like to pin down these changes a bit more accurately.

Does anyone have a DRT box dated sometime between August 2009 and March 2013. I would greatly appreciate knowing a bit about it and what rounds were found in it.

Any help appreciated.


Lew - what are the two headstamps? Are they two different forms of DRT or is one totally different? I was not aware of this at all, and this is the firest time I have ever seen the two 50-round boxes.

John in 2007/2008 they started using S&B military cases, and wanted to go to Starline cases with their own headstamp but couldn’t get them produced back in 2008 & 2009 when ammo sales went crazy so in 2009 they were using Generic Starline cases. Then in 2013 they turned up with a DRT 9mmLUGER headstamp that looks like it was made by RWS which they are still using as far as I know.

That is one of the reasons I’m looking for 2010-2012 boxes. For all I know they acquired Starline DRT hsts or used some other headstamp during that period.


Lew - I didn’t know that. I probably assumed that the S&B headstamped round was simply made by them for their own sales. I don’t know if I have that or not. Could you picture all the DRT rounds with the various headstamps, in profile and together, so we can see what each looks like? That is the problem with all this use of other company’s cases on todays ammunition market. It is hard to tell who in heck made what! A headstamp really doesn’t mean a whole lot anymore, necessarily, in the identification of a cartridge.

John, I’m looking for the info on the 2010-2012 boxes to fill in my data for an article I’m working on for the IAA Journal. All will be clear when I get the article done.

Any help with DRT boxes would be much appreciated.


I have three 20 round of the DRT loads with 85gr blts and all three bullets are different, and different from the earlier bullets that came in the 50rd boxes in my collection.

The main difference is in the aluminum/tin insert in the hollow point which holds the powdered metal core in place.

Right: from box dated 22 Jan 14-note 6 shallow slits in bullet tip

Center: from box dated 27 Jun 13-same 6 slits but the small circle at the base of the HP is smaller in diameter-minor variation but apparently used a slightly different pressing tool to seat the aluminum/tin seal

Left: from box dated 28 May 13-no slits in blt tip, and the aluminum/tin seal is recessed about 1.5mm into the bullet point.

Has anyone seen other variations in the DRT bullets in the 20 rd boxes. The ones in all three of my 50 rd boxes are also different.

Still interested in boxes dated from Aug 2009 through Mar 2013. Any help appreciated.


I just noticed that DRT now has .357sig available for sale, and some sellers online are just now offering it. It is shown in a new box style on their website here:


The projectile is 85gr, and advertised as having an fps of 1625. The headstamp is new: DRT 357 SIG . Back in mid April of this year DRT had announced the .357sig and the 10mm auto as being new calibers in production and this is the first I have seen of either of those.