E.A. Vom Hofe cartridges - purpose?

Were the E.A. Vom Hofe cartridges primarily designed for target shooting/competition, or for hunting? Since they are all named Super Express, does that mean they were designed for high velocities? If so, was there a threshold at the time (1930’s) ie. 3,000 fps minimum, etc…

They were designed for hunting. For example, postwar manufacturer DWM offered them only with the Torpedo-Stopring bullet, which is a hunting bullet.
Indeed, Super Express indicates extremely high velocities as the design goal. One faction of German hunters believes in small caliber high velocity, another faction in large caliber, heavy and slow bullets as the most effective. Vom Hofe was a follower of Gerlich in his belief in high velocities. Published factory data are above 1000 m/s (3280 fps) and this could indeed have been the metric figure vom Hofe tried to at least achieve. But I know no documentary evidence.

Thanks JPeelen, exactly what I was looking for.

Pressures must have been extraordinary to achieve those velocities in the 30’s given the propellants available.

Here’s some performance data from a 1964 Ad:

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