E.C.C.C journal question

A question for any E.C.C.C. members, or anyone else who might know about their journal index: I recently picked up a copy of the 1965-1974 “first ten years” journal compilation in English, and I was wondering if there is a version of that for the second ten years from 1975 to 1985? And how to acquire one?

I am a member of the E.C.R.A. (European Cartridge Research Association), which is the current name of what used to be E.C.C.C. To my knowledge you have the only compilations that were made. That said, is yours in two books,or one? I am only aware of a two book set - the first five years and the second five years. If you have it under one cover as the “first ten years,” than I could be wrong in my answer, because it would indicate they did something I missed somehow.

I would send a PM to Tony Williams, who participates on this Forum, I believe, since he is the current editor for the English Language Group of ECRA, and would probably know for sure.

There was a 25th anniversary special issue produced (1965-1990) which consisted of selections of the most informative articles.

ECRA is at the moment working on digitising back numbers with the aim of making these available to members, probably on CD.

This the image of what I had, so I figured there might be a second edition for the next 10 years:

If they are coming out with digitized journals on CD though, I can wait a few months.

Interesting. I had not seen the ten-year bound issue before. I have it in two bindings, one for the first five years and one for the second five. Not sure that I don’t prefer it that way, as perhaps easier to handle. No big difference though.

I had all the individual issues and opted to buy the set anyway, as it reduced the room those issues took up in my filing cabinet by about 35%. I wish they had kept going on paper issues offering a bound group every ten years. The special edition doesn’t cut it for me, because it is not complete - only someone’s idea of the best articles - that idea can differ depending on your main interests.

What ECRA really needs is an index like IAA put out. That would increase the usefulness of the ECRA Bulletins ten-fold. I used to xerox every article in ECRA separately so it could be filed where it could be properly and quickly found, but stopped recently because I have room out of room for more filing cabinets and mine are nearly absolutely maximum capacity - overloaded, in reality. Without an index, I virtually never look at back issues of ECRA once I file them, because it is a daunting task even to find anything from the last ten years, much less from the 1960s, when you really don’t know when the article you remember was printed. Further, there is stuff you won’t remember at all as having appeared, and that is information lost to you forever. May Chris Punnett be forever blessed for doing an index for IAA!!! Once an initial index is made, it is relatively easy to keep it up, issue by issue. In my case, not being a computer guy, I print out the updated index once every year - not every issue - and throw away the old one.