E, D, and S, headstamped 11mm Mausers


Does anyone have a list of the known headstamps for these? (Erfurt, Danzig, and Spandau.) Also, the one with the S and A headstamp?



If you go to MUNICION.ORG under FUEGO CENTRAL in 11.15x60 R Mauser section, you’ll find about a dozen.


Dan – when I get back from St. Louis (I am leaving in the morning Sunday) I will E-mail you a listing,


Thanks Phil & Vlad. Can anyone confirm the raised G F L headstamp, on the MUNICION.ORG 11.15 x 60R Mauser page, is Guilio Fiocchi? And not G E L, Georg Egestorff, Linden?



Dan, I believe this to be one (of many) mistakes on municion.org. The examples I have seen all appear to be "G E L " = Georg Egestorff. I have not seen 11mm Mauser listed by Fiocchi


Dan, here are the ones I know from.

B&B ; Braun und Bloem, Düsseldorf?
BDK&Co ; Unknown
B&S ; Basse und Selve Altena?
D ; Königl. Arsenal Danzig
D.C. & co ; Dominion Canada
DWM ; Deutsche Waffen & Munitionsfabrik
E ; Königl. Arsenal Erfurt
GEKADO ; G.C. Dornheim A.G. Suhl
GR ; Geog Roth, Wien
H.E.&C ; Henri Ehrmann und Cie, Carlsruhe
J ; Ingoldstadt
L ; Lorenz, Karlsruhe
München ; Hauptlaboratorium München
MWS : Munitionswerke Schönebeck/Elbe
NM ; Munitionswerke Schönebeck/Elbe ?
N&S ; Unknown
R ; Roeder , Berlin
S ; Königl. Arsenal Spandau
SA ; Small Arms Factory
SB ; Sellier und Bellot, Schönebeck/Elbe
B. Stahl ; B. Stahl Suhl
U.M.C. U.S.A. ; Union Metallic Cartridge Co.



Thanks Dutch!
My H.E.&C. is I 1876 with a reload circle. My N.& S. is 10 15
I believe there is rsd REM-UMC 11 m/m and an impressed REM-UMC 11 m/m also. (And I think there is a rsd REM-UMC 11 m/m in 11.15x58R Werndl.) The only other I can add is DOMINION 43M, if that counts.
When I get the list from Phil, I’ll post the earlies and latest dates of the D, E, and S headstamps. (And hopefully the S A.) Then we will all know what to look for!
Thanks again,


from the list:
D - Danzig
D 76 * 5 to D 89 * 2

E - Erfurt
E 4 76 is without star, E 6 * 76 to E 9 * 88

S - Spandau
S 76 * 1 to S 89 * 3

Most years did not have production for all 12 months.


I finally got around to buying a copy of “Die Munition zum Mausergewehr M71” by Windisch and Kellner at St. Louis.

I have 2 headstamps that are not listed as known in the book: “D 85 * 1” and “S 76 * 5”

Dan also has “E 83 * 4” which I don’t have and is not listed in the book.