E-journal only members - heads up

Heads up, don’t make my mistake. Make sure to download and save a copy of the ejournal each month. You’t won’t be able to go back and download it after it’s been replaced on the website. You have to buy a copy of the journal or wait for the updated DVD to become available.

If an ejournal member fails to download or access the downloadable copy when it is posted, I can usually help them with the missed ejournal. But please don’t make a habit of failing to download the issue since my time as a volunteer is limited. As mentioned the ejournal is posted for downloading only for a limited time of about two months I believe.
Gary Muckel
IAA membership secretary

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Where is the link to the ejournal? That’s something I haven’t discovered yet.

Strelok, you have to have an e-membership. Then you get an e-mail with a link and password every time a journal is published.
It is not accessible to people without an e-membership.
Means regular members do get the hardcopy and non-members have no access to any of the journals.

Okay, I must have gotten my membership too late for the most recent issue, I’m all online

IAA e-journal or not, all valuable data is prone to disappear from the Web.
If you find something interesting, download it as soon as you can. It may be gone tomorrow.


Yes that is good advice.