I just signed up for the E-Journal at $10 for people who get the paper journal. Lew sent me the last 3 issues. WOW!! It is amazing how much color is missing from the paper journal. The E-Journal with all the additional color images is GREAT!! If your not getting the E-Journal for $10.00, you are really missing some fantastic pictures. The color images are so much more clear than the black & white ones in the paper journal. [color=#FF0040]DO YOURSELF AND THE IAA A FAVOR AND SIGN UP NOW.[/color]


I second the motion. For the newer prices of ten bucks you can add it to the printed one if you are like me and want both. Ten bucks! That won’t take you to one movie, at least if you want a coke and a tub of popcorn at the movie. Unfortunately, in today’s money, ten bucks is a gift! I use the electronic one to print out for my files, only printing out those pages I need and skipping the IAA Housekeeping, ads, etc., which I have in the printed one. In some cases, I print out more than one of a page, if there is info that should go in different files, making it all much easier to access for an old-fashioned guy like me. Better than making copies on my copy machine, which is black and white only!

I don’t understand, really, why every member of IAA doesn’t get this electronic one.

John M.


Can current members add the e-journal via PayPal, similar to how we renew memberships? What is PayPal charging for overhead these days? I like to throw in a couple of extra bucks to cover whatever charges they impose for processing the transaction.


Yes, you can add the e-Journal to your current subscription for ten dollars, and they do take paypal. I don’t know what paypal charges. You can always add a coupld of bucks and just call it a donation. I do that sometimes, when I have a few extra bucks, with my CCCA membership. Then, any Paypal charges to IAA will be covered.

John Moss


Here is the information on ordering the E-Journal from Gary Muckel:

6531 Carlsbad Drive
Lincoln, NE 68510

or paypal to [color=#0000FF]purchases@cartridgecollectors.org
The e-journal with a paid subscription to the printed journal is only an extra $10 a year.