E-Mail of IAA bulletin editor

I tried to e-mail Dwight and messages kept bouncing back. (address as provided in last bulletin)

Anybody here with an alternative e-mail address of Dwight? (please send pm, do not post here to prevent a spam overkill to Dwight)

Or if Dwight is reading here, could you check if your mailbox is full or so?

Admins can delete this thread as soon as things will be running again.

Alex your PM is hidden, so can’t send you his address, but for whatever it worth I’ve been sending & recieving him today.
I’ll e-mail him you looking for him.

Pete, strange, PMs work fine here normally.

This is what we see when we click on your name:


This is what we see when we click on Pete’s name:


I never changed anything and right now looked into it and did not even find an option to enable (or disable) PMs.
Something is broken maybe?

Have you been naughty?

But what is new then?

@EOD Click here:

And make sure this is unclicked:

Aaron, thanks, I did!
Is it ok now?

Ok, I got the info that PM is working. Thank you all for telling and getting it back to work.

OH boy-o-boy now I can send him all kinds of stuff!

Funny kitten pics? :-)