E.Remington .40-45 Sharps?

I have a unprimed empty case that I have tentatively identified as an E.Remington & Sons .40-45 Remington and Sharps Straight. I would like some confirmation of this ID.

The head is flat with beveled rim. The primer pocket has a single flash hole. The primer pocket is 0.163 in diameter and 0.135 deep. Rim Diameter is 0.534. Rim is 0.066 thick. Head is 0.451. Outside Casemouth is 0.423. Inside Casemouth is 0.395. Case Length is 1.899.

The E.Remington 1887 catalog lists the following:

.40-45 REMINGTON and SHARP (1 7/8 S.) 265 gr. GROOVED LEAD No. 1 1/2 BRASS PRIMER.

.40-45 REMINGTON and SHARP (1 7/8 S.) 265 gr. PAPER-PATCHED LEAD No. 1 1/2 BRASS PRIMER.

For .40-50 Sharps it only lists the necked 1 11/16 case.


  1. Do you agree that this case is a .40-45 Remington and Sharps made by E.Remington & Sons?

  2. Is that small, relatively deep primer pocket indicative of E.Remington manufacture?

Image is double normal size.

Ron, your description and measurements all pretty well fit with the cases in this box except that I can’t measure the depth of the primer pockets. They do have a single flash hole. I can’t really speak to your second question.

Rich–Thanks for the reply. I really appreciate the box photo.