E remington & sons

OK all you experts out there, I have another cool cartridge case that I would appriciate some opinions on “what it is”…

It is a BOXER primed, bottleneck case (mouth eroded but shoulders plainly visible) with a BASE DIAMETER of .520" and a RIM DIAMETER of .635". The length from the base to the neck base (top of shoulder) is about 1.6". The headstamp reads “E. REMINGTON & SONS” and the firing pin indentation is elliptical, not round.

Any Ideas???

Overall length of the case and its diameter at the mouth will be needed. JG

If I had to make a guess I’d say it’s a 44-77 Remington.

But it would be a SWAG. As JG said, we’d need more dimensions, especially case length, shoulder diameter and neck diameter.


Deakin–I agree with Ray, it has to be a .44-77 Remington. The only other cartridge with the “E.REMINGTON & SONS” headstamp with a base to neck of the same aprox. length was the .40-70 Sharps which has a rim of about 0.595.

Here is a cut from the 1877 E.Remington & Sons catalog.

Were all the E. Remington & Sons headstamped cartridges Boxer primed? JG