"E.W.B.Co." stamp on British 1915 18 Pounder case

Who used the maker’s mark “E.W.B.Co.” on 18 Pounder cases made in the UK? I would be grateful if anyone has the answer.

I know alot of 18 Pounder cases were made for Britain in the USA and Canada, so this case is possibly US or Canadian made.

E.W.Bliss & Co., U.S.A. Unfortunately I do not have any other address details.


Thanks Tony, I googled the name, and it appears that the Eliphat William Bliss company was founded in 1867, and would have been located at Brooklyn, NY in 1915. It’s main product was rolling machies for the steel and aluminium industry. However, they also manufactured shells and the Whitehead torpedo.

I have found an article on the New York Times archive site saying that there was a gas Explosion at EW Bilss projectile works in Thirty-ninth Street and Second Avenue, Brooklyn on Christmas Eve 1915. If that factory made cases as well, then I have the exact location.