EAGLE match boxes

I am writing an article about the “EAGLE” match boxes for the IAA journal and to close some gaps in my lists, I need pictures of the reverse side (with lot number) of some lots.
At this point in time, I only need pictures of Frankford Arsenal boxes and of the lot numbers below. Nothing else.
If you have one or more, please post a picture.
Even a single one can make a big difference for me.


FA1 & FA4 (1957),
FA33 & FA34 (1958),
FA48 to FA52 (1958-1959),
FA63 to FA77 (1959),
FA91 to FA97 (1960),
FA113 to FA115 (1960-1961),
FA125 to FA131 (1961)

just like this:

All I have within your list from 1957 are these two & one does not have a lot number. I have some of the other years but not those lot numbers your asking about. Hope this is of use.

Hi Pete,

your FA1 is a great box, superb label
I found a similar picture of it via Google but couldn’t see the lot-number.
on second view I noticed the sub-lot is different

Thanks !!!