Eagle Metallic Cartridge Co. - 32.30 WCF


I have this identified as mfg. by the German firm of Eagle Metallic Cartridge Co.(?), for export in the 1920’s and 1930’s, 115 gr. FN lead as a 32-20 Winchester. I also have one marked U.S.C. Co., ‘$’ on primer, which would be the oldest?





This is one of a considerable number of things on which I have a sort of an opinion but no hard-and-fast-knowledge, and in that spirit I’d say your USC cartridge is older than the German one. I think the German round is probably from the 1920s and the USC most likely predates it by a decade or thereabouts. I’m certain the USC primer with the cipher was in use by 1910 or so, and I doubt the other predates 1920. Jack



Thanks for the input. I wasn’t sure when UMC used that primer mark. I try and keep just one of each domination, (generally the oldest) but I keep getting the same domination with neat different headstamps! I know it’s temptation, but I have to keep trying to keep the collection slimmed down to reason.

Thanks again,