Earliest 9 x 18mm Makarov headstamp

I am trying to confirm the earliest known headstamp on 9mm Makarov cartridges of Russian (USSR) manufacture. Fred Datig shows a headstamp * 711 * 49 in his book on Russian pistols, and alludes to the possibility that the same headstamp is found with “48” date as well. It is a certainty that this cartridge was produced as early as 1948, and likely for at least a couple of years before that, for the testing of prototypes. Can anyone confirm the existence of the above headstamp, or offer any confirmed information about any headstamps from 1946, 1947 or 1948. Please, guys, no guesses on this one - only confirmed information.

Yuri??? EOD???

I really need this information.

John Moss

John, I wish I had this info or even better the regarding specimen. Sorry on that one.