Earliest Argentine .45 Auto box


These are pictures of a very rare example the earliest Argentine .45 Auto box made from an overlabeled Dutch Dordrecht box. It was used only during 1936-37 by Fábrica Argentina Militar de Armas Portátiles of Borghi, Santa Fé and cartridges inside were headstamped F.A.M.A.P. * 1936 * and F.A.M.A.P. * 1937 *. The original label profile can be noted under the new one and also the round seal is partially visible on the side.


Fede do you mean this Dutch box…


Harry, yes, that’s the one used for the well known 1928 contract cartridges and also the rare ones of 1933. Thanks for posting those pictures.


Wonderful .45 boxes - thanks for posting these you guys. I had never seen the early Argentine overlabel. I have seen the original form of the Dordrecht box, although never could find one. Great additions to my .45 file. Sooner or later, you see it all on this Forum. Great work, guys!