Earliest Cal .30 Light Rifle Experimental


Case is a commercial 300 Savage headstamped SUPER SPEED. Bullet is an M2 AP. Both the bullet tip and the base of the case are painted red. Usually found as components only, on the right is one that I have assembled to show how it would have looked. Probably marked to identify a specific load.



That is a superb cartridge Ray, and very nicely presented. Does the AP bullet still have it’s black tip under the red paint?


Thanks Jim. Yes the black tip is still there. You can see it in the photos if you look closely. The amount of red on both the bullet and base will vary from cartridge to cartridge so they must have been “dipped” by hand.




Another nice one there! You indicate these very early Light Rifle items are often found in component form. Is there ever packaging found with labels to indicate the use of these for the early FA experiments? Also, are there other colors used for the markings?

As HWSII indicates that there were only a total of 4000 primed cases suppiled by Remington and Western (2000 each) I would imagine there’s not a whole bunch left kicking around for us to learn from…




I only meant that the red tipped/base specimens that I have seen were in the form of components.

Since the 300 Savage cases were loaded with many different bullets, powders, and primers for the initial tests I would imagine that most of them were fired and only a few loaded cartridges have survived. They were probably put into any available box with hand written labels since they were intended to be used up almost immediately. I have never seen any boxes.

I’m only guessing at all of this since I don’t really know. I wish that I did. Anyone who has any better or other opinions is encouraged to post them.