Earliest Dealer of Cartridges for Collectors

Does anyone know who was the earliest known dealer of cartridges for collectors? The earliest one I have found was W. S. Lutz of Chestertown, Maryland, who by January 1931 was offering a list of over 700 cartridges or a collection of 250 different of american and foreign cartridges at $15.

Edit: I also found that he was offering cartridges for collectors in 1928 with a Philadelphia, Pa. address.

Fede, here on Long Island, NY, in the town of Huntington, was a man by the name of Platt Monfort who dealt in collectors cartridges in the thirties & later. M. D. Rea

There was also a guy in the northeast named Philip Medicus (or similar). I use to have his catalogs and I think he went back to the 30s. I understand that Jim Tillinghast bought his stock and started his cartridge business.


Edit: I’m wrong. Philip Medicus published his first catalog in 1947! Prices sure were good.

Morris Pixley was a dealer as early as 1936, perhaps earlier, operating out of Seattle. Previously discussed at


Thank you all for your help. It seems that very few people were dealing with cartridges for collectors during late 1920’s and early 1930’s. If anyone else has more information please let me know. Regards, Fede.