Earliest known Yugoslav 7.92x57 grenade propelling cartridge

What is the earliest known Yugoslav made 7.92x57 grenade propelling cartridge?

Anybody to tell?

Wish I had asked Phil Butler (RIP) back in his days.

EOD, my OP M60 has no date on it.

Hans, exactly! And all those made before 1960?

Alex, the earliest grenade blank was the one used with the Energa grenade adopted in 1954. I don’t have a picture, but it looks like the M60 -rosette crimp covered with wax- but the primer used is a standard Berdan type, not a shotshell primer.



Fede, we are getting closer as I am exactly after the cartridge for the Energa in Yugo use.
It would be interesting to know the headstamps of these cartridges.

The ones with shotshell primers (M62) were for 60mm and 82mm practice mortar rounds.

Also I am looking for images and docs on the Yugo Energa as it was said to be imported and not licence produced.
Here I wonder what markings these had.

Yes, I mean to say the M62.