Earliest US Shotshell


I keep telling myself that I will not buy pinfire shotshells, and then keep allowing exceptions such as it being OK if it has a slug or bullet, or newly, being OK if it was made-in-the-USA! (I figure new exemption limits me to about 3 samples which should be manageable!!)

Supposedly this is the earliest US-made shotshell. It is a 10g pinfire shotshell from the early 1860s sometime before Leet & Hotchkiss took out their patent on the boxer-primed shotshell in late 1869.

C. D. Leet also delivered and made the first pinfire cartridges in the US, which were used in the US Civil War.

Click the image or here for a Super, Giant sized, High Resolution version!

The headstamp says: [color=#0000FF].C.D.LEET, SPRINGFIELD.MASS[/color] around the edge with a [color=#0000FF]10[/color] in the middle. The 10 is raised further than the rest of the headstamp.

C. D. Leet also made a 12g version.


Very nice thread Aaron! I probably learned more on pinfire shotshells here than I’d seen before, in one place. Surely a nice shell!