Early 3" 20 ga target loads by Remington?


As you can see in the link below, Remington (Peters) produced a 3" 20 ga DELUXE TARGET load with 1oz of 7c shot, paper hulls and 2 piece plain paper box with attached label.
pics.gunbroker.com/GB/168610000/ … 391328.jpg

My guess is that these were probably made in the mid to late 1950s as a test or something (hence the 2 piece box). The picture indicates these to be no more powerfull than a 2 3/4" magnum loading so why the need for them, in the target arena?

For those of you with cataloges or references for the period of the 1950’s or early 60’s, does this 3" 20 ga DELUXE TARGET loading show up?



Very interesting item there. Maybe they were thinking using the 3" case with a 1oz. shot charge would allow for a more cushioning wad column thus a more consistant shot pattern?



That is a very neat box. Not seen one like it before.
Lists of Peters dealers prices from Jan. 3, 1950 to Jan. 6, 1960 (looked through 14 of them) have no mention of a 3" 20 bore shell & brands listed are only High Velocity & Victor no Target brand is listed. In the Jan. 9, 1961 under the High Velocity brand a 3" 20 bore is listed under MAGNUM LOADS 3 1/4 Drams- 1 1/4 oz of shot & in 2, 4, 6, & 7 1/2 size but these are plastic walled hulls. Again no mention of the Target brand.
In a copy of a Peters #101 and #102 catalogs there is a note "20 gauge 2 7/8 in. or 3 in. lengths, add to the above basis …$6.00: The page title is "“Target " Shells” "Basis for Computing List Price of Special Shells"
I’m not sure when this catalog numbering system started but probably in 1925. Earlier copies I have are dated, the last being Jan. 10, 1924 & in it, it does note; "No variations will be made in the length of "Target and “High Gun” shells as shown in the lost of regular loads"
hope this is of help


I suspect it has something to do with the rules of skeet shooting. Skeet is the only target application in clay shooting where 20ga is used seriously and likely to interest a manufacturer like Remington enough to make a dedicated target cartridge.
Around the timeframe that has been suggested there was a move to make skeet a multi “calibre” discipline by extending into 20ga and .410.

This cartridge would raise the 20ga to close to the performance of a 12ga and give the shooter a bit of an advantage that he wasn’t really intended to have.

Thats my guess anyway


As I understand it, the 3" 20 ga came onto the scene (market) here in the US about 1954 with the introduction of a Model 21 so chambered. Based on that date, the introduction of plastic and other little bits of evidence, I estimate these were probably made between 54 and 60. With the evidence Pete presented, or lack of, I’m convinced these were ‘experimental’ and they would make a fine addition to a collection of shotshells. Unfortunantly there was someone else that felt the same way, with a higher budget than mine, and he got them for $155 I believe.

Thanks all for your comments and information. It all helps to increase my knowledge.


The Stevens No. 200, 20 gauge pump shotgun from 1912-1914 was chambered for the 3 inch 20 gauge shell.